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I summoned a blacksmith yesterday and wanted to buy the Corsair's Backsword and Kureimoa. Neither of which was available though.

Does the stock of a merchant, blacksmith etc. perhaps depend on the level of Devotion? Or is the stock list on this page not correct?
Beyond that certain item appears only after certain bosses have been cleared.
You can also find the kureimoa in a secret area in the village of smiles faulty early on
I believe it is Devotion dependent yes
Most Creeds unlock new equipment/spells based off devotion. In this case you must ascertain a certain level of devotion to get the kureimoa and Corsair Backwoods
Lamest creed ever tbh. Bad devotion reward items, bad sales catalogues, and false gods. According to the lore it's basically a cult of Devara's Light... that's probably why it's not as good as other creeds with actual gods. Iron Ones are the exception tho, they just that badass.
Dominion Ending poem:
Burning cities
Bruis'd by war
Praise not the Three
I am the fourth.


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Guys why the first sanctuary of this creed is in the village of smiles? There is a motivation? Have this creed defeat the Queen or they are her jailers?
(Spoilers here) I personally don't believe that the Forgotten King, Judge, and Knight are literally the three, but rather defiled imitations of them created by the Nameless God. This for a number of reasons. 1) The three bosses you fight in the Crypt of the Dead Gods are labelled as "forgotten". This doesn't add up to the idea that they are the proper Three, as Three's worship is practically the strongest and most widespread in the world. 2) The idea that these once were the Three, but have been slain and now the Nameless God answers prayers made to them is solid at first, but standard gameplay throws this theory out the window. In short, one would reason that a player under the creed of the Three would essentially have their prayers turned off when they went to go and fight the Nameless God, right? I understand that this wouldn't exactly be good for gameplay's sake,but it doesn't stop the logic from applying. 3) There is another theory which states the Candlelit Lady is actually Devara herself. This theory has a lot of weight to it, as she basically checks all the boxes of what Devara is like and she has the ability to effortlessly cleanse your sin and corruption. The point is that this theory is ENTIRELY incompatible with the theory that the Forgotten Three are actually THE Three themselves, as Devara sits in that trinity as the Judge. If the Candlelit Lady is in fact Devara, then the Forgotten Three cannot by the real gods themselves. So, here is my ultimate theory; The Nameless God is in fact a mortal, like everything about him states, but still he falsely claimed to be a god. It's one thing to simply walk out into the street and declare yourself a god, but it is another to actually try and take that power for yourself. I won't claim to know what he did to attain his power, but it was obviously bad enough to warrant judgement by The Three (or maybe just Devara herself, who knows), who cursed him for his foul deeds as punishment. The Nameless God knows he's cursed by them, but cannot actually legitimately do anything about it. This is why the Forgotten Three exist, they were created by the Nameless God as what essentially amounts to a punching bag for him, a set of imitation god-corpses for him to use and abuse as he sees fit. They aren't the actual Three that are worshiped around the world.
Sure. Now read the Salvation Three ending poem
It's certainly left up to interpretation, but based on the beastiary description of the Knight, I believe these husks are the Three and the Three are dead. Probably their worshipers' fault. The Three represent justice, but Askaria has twisted the worship of them by forcing everyone to swear devotion to them. No justice in that.