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By Anonymous
I've managed pretty well so far in the game and I think I've killed every boss up to this area, but man when you hit the castle it just suddenly gets real. Combine the flying skulls of instadeath with the giant tower knight and you've got problems.
By Anonymous
The castle of storms is actually ridiculously easy and I found myself one hitting almost everything but the giant tower knights. I suggest going to lower levels of the game (Maybe some good farming spots) to get your character stronger and ready for the castle of storms.
By Anonymous
Ya its pretty much the hardest place for beginners . not to mention the red cage will make u walk on ur toes every step of the way
By Anonymous
I wouldn't say that. The castle is merely the beginning of the difficulty ramp. I'm at the boss in Cage area and it has definitely gotten a slightly harder. Then again I've also gotten a lot stronger stat and gear-wise, plus a bit better. It isn't that much harder than it was in the beginning... frankly, quite the opposite. Easier now. You might be a squishy class, wrong gear for area or just not dodging attacks properly. Here, have some salt in those wounds. DS1+BB experience probably helps a bit too. Good luck!
By Anonymous
Exact opposite experience here. By this point I got so strong gear wise that everything is too easy. Boss fights range from 3-10 hit fights and its really lame.
By Anonymous
It actually gets more difficult once you reach the Red Hall of Cages. It's really the point of map awareness and understanding the boss. I had trouble with this boss so much but overall it was actually quite a fun fight
By manuleko
Everyone saying that it was easy clearly got the easy route play(Greatswords/GreatHammers or magic)
I Can assure that only the strongs make it to ng+7 with dagger/bow build...
It's my quest for u guys :3
By Anonymous
Poison + fire or lightning on a quick weapon (preferably daggers) can easily make quick work of tank enemies especially on tower knights and the giant knight on mal's floating castle, took me at least 10 seconds and they're already dead. The low base damage of the daggers will be compensated by the insanely high damage per second which can stack by the way. Amazing how poison is powerful in SaS but sucks *** in DS.
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By Fexelea
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All the SnS Location Walkthroughs have been revamped to look nicer on mobile devices. Enjoy!
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Honestly this game has the best atmosphere and among the most poetic language

It really left a deep impression on me
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Fort-Beyond-The-Mire needs an entry.
Thanks for the good work!
The wiki is awesome :)
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Included now.
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