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Does anyone know the name of the scarecrow NPC? Reluctant to add it to the list before I know what to title the page. Recording its dialogue and locations till then.


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Have you finished the game? You find out EXACTLY who he is once you have read all his dialogue and received one of the endings to the game
Still need the third location, however.
I believe it's called Scarecrow, as the being it represents is nameless
The only name I could give him other than scarecrow is a spoiler so let's just say scarecrow.
Still need the third location, however.
Could you give me the third location if possible? I really need to know it for the other ending.


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@dude who keeps asking for scarecrow location
What about the Jester who gives you the Vertigo brand?
Boring ending u meet him in the castle of storms then disappears from the face of the earth
Where is he, I never found him. Also, anyone know the criteria for expanding what merchants sell?



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It's in the game assets but I haven't found in game, may be something that got cut or a very well hidden secret!
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Shop IconShop IconShop IconShop IconShop IconShop IconShop IconShop IconShop Icon He can only be reached by debug.
increasing the rank of the creed that you're in by exchanging materials with the npc summoned by a stone leader also expand merchants stock ;)
He can be reached by glitching.
I was actually curious as to whether or not there's a 'Patches' or Patches-esque NPC in S&S; anyone know?
not that I know of, I can't think of any npc that actually screws you over they're just like merchants and stuff
The main objective is to find the princess. Other than the boat where the ***** is she?
Most likely dead. Her set can be found in the Salt Alkymancery.
Some spoilers but it is implied she may not have ever existed in the first place.
Bizarre... then what's the point of the game? just kill monsters?
You find her clothes in the Salt Alchemacery, so...
Reward for completing NPCs quests are trophies?! Only 1 has something to use in the game, others are all trophies, how useless. Only those trophies maniac need to complete the quests then.
Masterless Knight also give you Kings orders after quest, but this is not writen at wiki.
Actually they all give you some sort of reward generally crafting materials
You should list the scarecrow
The Masterless Knight, Mad Jester, and Despondent Thief all have unique dialogue for a sellsword player. I suspect Black Sands, Luna Sage, and Candlelit Lady do too, but I have yet to confirm.