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where is this item found?
In the Blackest Vaul, when you get to the Betrayer NPC, do a Double Dart jump to the left.
How are we meant to use coordinates in this game? I read that the tutorial boss drops it but where else is it found??
Go where this page tell you but on the breakable bridge you'll want to make a leap of faith of the very left of the bridge and there will be a floating platform with the chest on it.
Wow nice, there is a Tome there. Thanks for the pro tip!
what is this item used for?
I used one to upgrade my Lvl 5 Wand to its' seventh and final upgrade.
Only 2 in the game? It notes that there is one in the still palace however, after scouring it for hours to no avail I'm left with a +6 salt reaver and I'm salty
Ye, im stuck with a +6 scharfrichter lmao
I was helping my sister through the ruined temple when we got to the order of betrayers I told her there was a rare item in a chest here. So I went to get it myself. My sister got the Tome and I got salt so no big deal. But I go back to my game and I get a red shard. I am lost as this was one of the only other way to get a drowned Tome.
Drowned tome and shimmering pearls are only accessible in your own world, can not get them from joining another... also the crappy part is with those two rare items, if picked up in someone else's world it is voided out of your world and replaced with a red shard...


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Does ANY enemy drop this? I can farm endlessly for Frozen/Burnt Tomes and King's Orders, but not sure where this can be farmed at. Any ideas?
Nope, only 1 for playthrought
Helped my fiancé get hers near order of the betrayer. Went back to my new game plus and I got a pouch of salt. Maybe they can fix this with a patch??
Fiance, eh? Congrats!
You dont have fiance and never will stop lying!!!
New game, cleric, kill the the Unspeakable Deep. Load the save which you need the tome in it, offer a stone sellsword in a sanctuary and hire your new born cleric. Make your cleric drop the tome on the ground, and your main character pick it up. Delete your used up save and do this again. I obtained a full set of Nameless God Armor +7 by this method.
Warn: You CANNOT do this the opposite way. You can't give a tome to a save which is newly created. The tome on the ground will be turned into some random trash.
Tnx 4 info
How do you drop stuff?
Dont delete ur 2nd cleric char,just let ur main char pick up,then save at sanctuary, then close ur game, re-open it with ur main char, then hire ur 2nd cleric, he still have the tome, so there is the way faster farm tome


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u cant drop stuff on the ground '-'
dude thank you very much, it work and cleric is the best to kill the unspeakable deep (for the item extra damage and light armor)
by ladderglitching you can rematch the unspeakable deep on any character who lost, as well as in ng+