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By Anonymous
This guy is just bullsh|t!!! Attacks are far too easy to avoid, BUT he kills you in one hit and takes forever to beat, so you will make a mistake sooner or later and then have to deplete his health all over again! ESPECIALLY if you chose chef!!! And if you die once, you have to reset the entire game to retry!!! WHY??? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING WHEN DESIGNING THIS BOSS??? (After dieing multiple times i had to change to Paladin and by a MIRACLE i beat him first try with Paladin. Ruined my chef run)
By Anonymous
Its a boss that's not meant to be beaten but can be, your meant to die in the start, if anything, it would be free levels if it can't kill you in 1 hit, it only has 2 attacks too.
By Anonymous
"ruined my chef run."
It's literally at the beginning of the game. Lol
By Anonymous
I'm really sorry for your chef
By Anonymous
reccomended class: paladin
By Anonymous
Easily the most difficult boss in the game (which is truly a shame)
Literally every other boss in the game will be beaten on first attempt, or second at most.
Except going back to kill this guy is a pain in the *** LOL
By Anonymous
besides one exception, that being flase jester it has never taken less than 3 tries for me to beat one of these bosses my first playthrough i fought them in
By Anonymous
I know I'm late af, but false jester is so ****ing easy. wym??? hardest is ***** of the lake for sure
By Anonymous
>pick pauper (deprived?)
>get naked
>use a strong attack + a light attack (24 dmg each dodge)
By Anonymous
If you do the ladder glitch on the ladder just in front of the festering banquet you can get back up to him for an easy fight
By Anonymous
it would be great if they patched the game so you could fight it in ng+ also they should have a cutscene with the so called princess. just saying it would be nice if they introduced the character they clearly have a model already in the game, such a shame to waste. they could have the boat crash while talking with her if you kill the unspeakable deep that way there is time to get the gold and items it drops.
By Anonymous
If you're below decks and look up to the right of the boss arena, you can actually see the Handmaiden comforting the Princess in the ship's cabin. Would be nice if you could actually talk to the Princess if you beat the Kraekan, though.
By Anonymous
So last week I beat this boss for the first time. Since then, I've beaten it three more times. My "pro" tip. Go nude into this fight. Armour doesn't matter in a fight where one hit kills you. You want speed. Dodge behind it and stay behind it. Only swing once or twice. Three will get you hit so don't get greedy. The Unspeakable Deep will work the fight into the corner. Once that happens back off. Run to the other end of the arena and let it work itself back to the centre. You want and need room to dodge. Also, turn up your brightness. This fight is dark. As for weapons, that doesn't matter too much. My first time beating it was with the mace, second with spear, and third a whip. Use what your comfortable with and be patient.
By Anonymous
Please update or remove this dumb***** from game. Every time when i try beat him im lost 6-10 minutes of my life and this ***** always oneshoted me. Just ***** you.
By Anonymous
Remove it from the game cuz you suck? Makes sense.
By Anonymous
Why remove it cause you can't kill it your not suppose to in the first place (kinda like deamon souls trip to the nexus tutorial)either git gud or ignore it like me I always charge it for the lols but never really try because i dont care for the loot
By Anonymous
Get good idiot
By Anonymous
Git gud, impatient twat
By Anonymous
wait... how could the wiki know about his hp and info on ng+7
you can only fight this boss just on ng,, on later cycles you will start the game on the Iceland and you can't fight him ever again.
By Anonymous
if you do the ladder glitch you can fight him at any point in your run, though only once per playthrough
By Anonymous
math stuff
By Anonymous
There's a multiplier from ng+1 to ng+7. Just multiply its health by that multiplier.
By Anonymous
I just beat this thing after about 45 minutes of rage and I only got the salt. It didn’t give me any time to run and get the gold. Also, I have no new items in my inventory...what did I do wrong?
By Anonymous
I had the same reaction. Check your inventory, it should be there we just don't see the loot pop up like we usually receive when finding items. Should be in the mats section.