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The focus stat, at least so far as I've found is used when using magic. Spells use x amount of focus (focus is half of your stam), and lowers your max stam by x amount. The white bar that goes halfway to the end of the stam bar is your focus bar which depleats as you use magic and your max stam will lessen as well. Balance has to do with magic as well, but I'm not entirely sure how yet...
know that elemntal imbalance buff damages. but i dont know if it buff the opposit spells or the same type spells./
The storm ring found above the bandit pass sanctuary buffs your magic damage but makes elemental balance swing more. I found that even with the storm ring, it's quite easy to manage just by alternating between 2 or 3 casts of a lightning spell then the same with a fire spell
Elemental balance is to do with exactly that. There are two prinary elements, fire and sky. Using too much of one element in a short span of time will cause something of a manaburn and you'll take damage. The mage class starts with a ring that nulls elemental imbalance thus rendering that stat useless
I recently noticed that the main stat increases on the tree can have multiple points used in them to raise a score by up to five points. Is is the stat cap the total number of those times five, plus the skills that auto raise a main stat? Or is there a max that each stat can reach regardless of the number of times you can level it on the tree?

I'm playing a pure mage and leveling magic, so I should hit a cap soon if there is one. If not then Banzai for crazy magic damage as I try for the whole tree!
Found the cap, 175 Magic. Just so it's known.
Don't forget the Crimson gloves and charged ring which both give 3 magic.
From what I'm seeing the only stat cap is running out of nodes to lvl. I'm also playing a (relatively) (for now) pure mage. By my calculation max magic should be around 165+starting magic. This is maxing each magic node to 5and getting all wand, staff, and cast class nodes.


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I was wondering what is the soft cap for dmg stats STR/DEX and MAG/WIS. Lot of weapons pages have data for 40/40 STR/DEX. Anyone noticed while leveling up?
The softcap for STR 2handers seems to be between 33 and 34. 34-35 gives 0.3 attack, 33-34 gives 1.5 attack, and 32-33 gives 3.8 attack (S scaling fully upgraded Scharfrichter used for testing)
For STR it appears to 50 when 1 handing a weapon. When 2 Handing, there is some unknown multiplier to the STR stat from my observation, so the cap would be sooner.
The soft cap is 50 strength (1 handed)

Two handing multiplies your strength 1.5 so the soft cap is 34.
How the hell do you prevent wounding on the health bar? get hit a few times and your max HP drops to half!
There is also a prayer which heals your health and some of your wounding.
as said the bandage ring halve wounding and the level 1 prayer sacred linen remove most wounding.
There's a ring you found very very early in the game, before even the first boss if I remember correctly, that reduces wounding drastically.


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Bandage ring: You'll find it near the beginning it reduces wounding.
And Git gud!
I don't know exactly how, but if you get some value with your focus, you can prevent the trigger from having 0 focus, and so, have unlimited cast ability.

I don't know if it does anything, but I use the ring that locks stamina loss.

Note that the trigger is effectively triggered when using incentations.


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How does it scale or work beside y'know measure how much you take before you die? what i mean is how do you level it up? Does your maximum hp increase passively with every skill point or level?
is it endurance that increases it? or is it increased with every boss you beat to keep the game's difficulty balance so everything doesn't become super easy.
hunters probobly start with more health then ages
Through testing I've found that 5 health is gained every 2.5 levels (rounded up). Starting at level 40 health is gained every 5 levels.
So the list is:
L1 = 100 L40 = 180
L3 = 105 L45 = 185
L5 = 110 etc...
L8 = 115 L200 = 340
L10 = 120 L205 = 345
HP increases every 2/3 times you level up by 5hp I've noticed.
there must be another calculation than 2/3, my brother was 7 levels below me while having only 5hp less than me (me mage him hunter)
What the heck does fatigue do
Lowers the max stamina pool. If you swing while you're out of stamina, you accrue fatigue and it cuts you stamina bar down.
Max lvl ?
549, levels also affect defense stat at 549 the base defense is 25.5% around 100 in armor value.
Does make sense if the are trying to make you struggle forever.
Do I understand right that additional Endurance not only increase maximum equipment load, but also increase my speed if i wear some fixed weight?
Speed depends on load percentage.
As your maximum increases - loaded percentage decreases (with fixed weight ofc).
Can you tell me please, at what % speed begins to reduce?
Each tier of weight load changed your movement speed. When below 25%, you're at your fastest, then you slow down a tiny bit at 25%, then more noticeably at 50%, then even more noticeably at 75%. At 100% or higher, you're slowed to a crawl.