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will we be able to remap controls?
Is there a way I don't know about to remap the controls? I prefer using the d-pad for side scrollers.



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To change the key mapping on PS4

1. Setting Menu
2. Accesibility
3. Button Assignments
4. Enable Custom Button Assignments (Checkmark)
5. Once you put the checkmark there will be a new option called: Customize Button Assignments
6. You are now able to make all changes you need. Don't forget to confirm changes.

Keep in mind this changes will apply to all games. I haven't tested it yet but removing the check mark should restore the buttons to default.

Hope this helps!
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The controls may be simple to follow and but controller layout is different from the Souls games and therefore not intuitive to Souls players.


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I agree, it took me a few failed attempts at the first boss until I could relearn dodge rolls since they are a different button entirely. But once I learned the new layout it plays very very similar to Dark Souls.
what about kick? how is it done?
It isn't, there is no kick.
Was really that hard to include an option to customize the controls the way the player wants it WITHOUT needing to change the mapping of the controls itself from the setting?? There needs to be a patch about this. Highly unacceptable.
I really need pc controls I can't see the scales of items and I've hit every button.
same here
Same here. Some1 please answer this. Is there anyway to change the tabs while in the character menu screen present on the left hand side. Tried everything
It's done with backspace
And for the character menu... well, you can just use a mouse
Please post PC controls. I have pressed literally every button and I can't cast spells.
If you're using a wand, cast equiped spell with ctrl.
If you're using a staff, cast spells with mouse buttons (LMB,RMB).
To cast incantations and prayers, press F (like in case of item).
does anyone know how to scroll down the text in descriptions in PC? I tried everything
Try the right stick :)