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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Why would they exclude frost damage from this set?
Iceheart set for ice
Because frost is stupid like you are
ice damage is more for tank builds tbh
The ilambris brothers had fire and thunder magic not ice. Most likely why this element is out of this set.
Because ilambris brothers one have lightning thunder skill and the other one have flames skill
Go figure dumb *****
I like that your insulting him like he made a super obvious line (which it is)
course your insulting the guy that is point out the obvious to a different person. so grats. your being a **** on the internet for no usual.
The shoulder won't drop for me what do I do
Just keep running dailies. Percentages say that it will. RNG is a motha though.



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The shoulders are obtained from the chest by completing the undaunted pledges. To get illambris you must use a key to open Glirion the Redbeard chest ... ed+Pledges
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Tell me about it. 30 keys and no shoulders yet, let alone divine.
Go whine somewhere else. Such comments are useless.
I believe this is outdated
On ps4 the 1 peace bonus is 1058 max mag
2 peace bonus is 1512 damage.
It changes depending on your stats
30 keys used no shoulders, wth?
did u use the key on the correct chest?
Haha burn!
I used only 2 keys! Damn rng!
cool it
I also only used 2 keys...
head is only from vet?
yes all monsterhelms comes from vet only :)
Well I do around 15k add that 10k if you trigger both elemental meteors. Without counting crits it increased my dps to around 25k to 30k. Pretty decent. I'm also using both the treasure hunter and the silk of the sun sets.
If I crits, I can go up to around 50k.