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I dropped ring(s) from final boss
This and soulshine is the tits!
Also RC + War Maiden + Tourag's swords. Or RC + SS + TP swords. Or RC + Julianos + TP swords. OR RC (2pc + 3 jewels) + 3pc Juli armor + 2pc juli swords (sharpened with spell/weapon damage enchants) + Skoria/Kena/Grothdarr monster set. Any of those are da bidness for a magplar. Personally - I prefer the last option (5+5+2) with Grothdarr. Your dps will be insanity. Sweeps will crit for 6k+ EACH and blazing spear + Grothdarr will melt mobs. Magsorc's are the only ones who can hit 100k+ dps on a mob of zombies at Alik'r Docks :) My current best is 149k-ish dps with typical around 70-80k. Boss dps is around 25k sustained with skoria. It can be done my peeple. Pick your set, upgrade everything to Gold and max out your magicka pool.

As for PvP....well....RC + SS is definitely a solid offering. Still working on that one :)
Im going to run this on my Tank Warden.

Not sure about monster set yeet but i think the one with teh aeo iceblock is good. Then i need something 4 pc cuz i run a magica build with frost staff tank.
The monster set that makes this firepool thing... that is a good combo With this gear using a templar or DK i guess
I could swap the staff for 1h shield but then i would have to run stam, since block cost stam then. So in my opinion magicka gives a good tank with high dps, while 1h sword gives strong tank medium dps.

But also since the warden has allot of selfheal (a bit like old wow bear) tuffness isnt that important. But so far im able to solo wb and mealstrom. but i havent done any dung or vet dung yet.
hey you csn run 1h and sheild fine i mean like im perfectly fine on my dk tank he has 4pts in magicka and rest in health and 3 jewlry desert rose and 2pice light desert rose 5 pice rattle cage all aurmir with devines and 2 h back bar with the rally buff fir health regen you can swap the 2h out for destro staff but the 2h or duil weild give bonus dmg and since i have desert rose magicka regen is really no problem. max health is around 30-40k magicka 20-30k stam exactly 10k
For anyone who is wondering why there is no rattlecage staff, I got a Lightning Destro staff called "Despair" today. So they DO exist.
From which boss??!!
Grothdarr boss drops the special lightning staff “despair”
Heavy Armor? LoL ZOS. Makes no sense at all. Heavy armor together with Magicka dmg is like erectile dysfunction. It's just for another hybrid tart.
Actually it is not that bad, making a sustainable solo mage character... lets say Templar. With this gear, and the light monstarmask set that makes this fire pool thing (dont remember name)... one fire staff as main, and Lightning as backbar. putting Points on the weapon regen thing from "the lover" in the CP panel. and putting all stats on magica and having magica gear, Divines, spell dmg mundos stone and so forth..... you can make a pretty good sustainable mage thing :)
clearly you dont play PvP


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Nah bruh you dont understand sorcs run the 2 hand staff and 2 jewlery and the chest piece for undaunted and makes em uber powerful
@second comment (10 oct 2018) Clearly you do not either. Rattlecage is a good set and was meta for DKs for a short time it only fell out of favour due to the various heavy armor nerfs that were a direct result of perma blocking tanks in PvP (Post - IC nerf and CP being what it was back then). Now that 2h does count as x2 set peices its actually far more favourable to use now also will save you a bunch of resources pots wise and you're not forced into a crap situation where you only get the full value if you run swords on both bars or sword and board. With Magblade getting a buff to its sap damage this set will be great and will also do extremely well on magDKs again due to DK buffs overall. 20% spell damage + infused jewlery and a 38k ish mag pool with roughly 28k health on a mag DK? (Tri-glyphs on large armor Pieces)Thats a good set up.
First mini boss drops can drop unique rattlecage jewelry that comes in arcane instead of healthy. A ring called cursed gem and a necklace called forbidden jewel
rattlecage jewelry and staves plus chest is 5 piece ands also helps give undaunted heavy bonus. wormcult for 5 pieces of armor, and leather head or shoulder monster item. very nice setup and only farming one dungeon.
This is exactly what I did, and my monster gear is grothdarr so all 12 pc is vom, and I didn't even read this first. XD Btw, the daily quest given by redbeard that day was vom, and the key given to me dropped leather grothdarr shoulders from his chest to complete my set on my fire destro/ resto hybrid templar.
I love rattlecage it goes well with my set up netches touch