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Dungeon bosses drop every set piece, CONFIRMED (except monster helm).
Dungeon bosses drop every set piece, CONFIRMED (except monster helm).
Anyone know which boss drop Forbidden Jewels and Gem of Curses(Rattlecage set) in Vaults of Madness?
Gem of Curse drops from Th Cursed One
forbidden jewels is from the first mini boss for sure, don't recall what dropped gem of curses
both drop from the first boss m8
Got a shapened sword on first run and same shapened sword on 2nd run!!! ***** yeaaaa
Were can the rattle cage ring drop from? Anybody know?
First boss
i think all bosses. i made about 50 solo run and i dropped rings and necklace from 1st boss (the ghost in the bridge) and also from final boss. so i think each bosses can drop jewels\gear\weapons.
Where did u get that staff?
Сука,я заебался щит фармить! ))
Anyone ever seen a Rattlecage Destruction Staff in Sharpened (not precise or infused)? I've done more runs than I care to admit and still haven't gotten one myself (or any group members)
I found a sharp destro in a treasure chest during a run one time, don't lose hope!
Named fire destro sharpened staff called Ruin. Bound, dropped off named watcher, the ancient one.
Yea I just got one
Anyone selling a rattlecage destro staff in eu server?
It's B.o.P.
Vault of madness
Which boss drops rattlecage neckless?
I got it on the alligator guy in the blue pool room. Sry can't remimber his name.