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Will it have shields too? or only the weapons/armor/jewelery?
greetz .)
have this set a dagger? I was in Darkshade more than 100 times, and nothing...



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It's supposed to... but that doesn't mean it's working xD ⚔️ Sekiro Wiki ⚔️ Monster Hunter World Wiki
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I have one Piercing though needed sharpened seem to get it in DSC 1
If anybody wants to farm dark shades 1 for the sets my psn is original-_-sins
Na server? I'm down.
Sorry mate I am eu server
I'm down to farm this set with anyone one the ps4 NA server, I need impen/well-fitted boots and a sharpened maul. Currently I have the boots in divines and a defending Greatsword so just trying to maximize my psn is KCCU93 please send me a message along with your friend request so I know.
It works with poison damage?
no, it will only buff physical damage.
does the set bonus work in werewolf form?
XBL Novidian, if anyone wants to farm DC1/2 for this. I have yet to get any jewelry or daggers. Lots of Netch's/Truth*****, though. Frustrating, but I think this set will be worth it. I want to pair with my Hundig's.
Now gives large wep crit bonus inplace of the former health bonus.


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To farm this