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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

6% stamina increase now instead of health recovery
No its not. It is still health recovery
that got reverted off of pts real quick...
Congratulations to all the idiots that whined about that change, by the way.
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Is that Carnage passive weapon critical chance or weapon critical damage? Doesn't say, which makes me think maybe both??
Weapon Crit Chance
the crit alone is why they should be used for healing. that on top of the other crit you have during a heal is insane. my gear alone give me more than enough regen on my magika with the medium gear i have and having health, stamina and crit bonuses is just bonus to any healing unit. its everything rolled up into a purrfect little fluffy ball of awesomeness. why others dont use this ill never understand but hey maybe that extra regen is worth trading for all three other passives...
How does weapon crit improve healing? Isnt healing magicka, so itd be based off of spell crit?
Any healing from a skill that uses magicka is based off of spell crit and spell power (critical surge on a stam sorc goes off of weapon crit). This being said, nothing a khajit offers benefit a magicka based healer in any way shape or form. Nothing about medium armor benefits a magicka based healer. This person is either joking or really misguided.
Or we are just misunderstanding what they wrote. If they are talking about self heals then yes, the crit would benefit healing, albeit not as much as the 6% bonus to stamina or 10% that other classes have. You gain 8% crit but lose 3k or so stamina. Vigor scales very well off of max stam. Furthermore 10% each extra recovery that wood elves have is massive, as is the adrenaline rush passive that redguards have. Kajhit is best for pve, woodelf best for pvp nightblade, orc or reguard and occasionally argonian for other pvp stam classes.
Why the downvotes? Warden stamina heals with crit is great.
Orc link is missing on this page.