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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Great set for stamina in pve, the passive proc time is awesome and doing a lot of damage if having a high crit/crit damage. Moreover is works also with bow abilities, like Snipe from 35 meters, which means the Snipe from stealth can single-shot most of the CP160 mobs. My build is CP467 and armor isn't gold yet, but I score over 42k damage from single Snipe, which is really sweet :).
This set doesn't work with bows. Melee only
So it only dropped a dagger and shield ?
no its all weapons. it doesnt come in impen. though
Yes it does. I have an impen piece as we speak
So how do you get gold viper jewelry if it only drops purple?
it was dropping in Sanctum ophidia (12 man craglorn trial), gold dropped in vet mode
You can get it from the pvp vendor.
I need viper bow but zou cant drop now :( pls again for drop
Why is the Viper bow so damn hard to find?
Viper bow does it even exist? Ran the dungeon 100+times now.. Haven't seen it.
What bosses drop what unique items in this set?
i have the viper bow sharpen. bhought it from a guild trader when the viper set was just introduced. now they are just hard to come buy and selling for ridiculous prices.