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Now also drops in v160 and jewelry pieces
there are none in craglorn
Yes there is
Where does the unique sword drop?
If there are no anchors, where does the jewelry drop?
Treasure chests
Where do I get the shoulders? No Public Dungeon? And head piece?
Okay, here is a good combo. Use this 5 piece set with elegance set. Toggle sorc overload ult, use entropy skill to proc major empowerment (20% ex dmg) and proc this set (10% ex dmg) and since sorc's overload atk is a light atk, proc elegance (20% ex atk). BOOM 50% EX OVER POWERED ATK! let me know if this works or not please.
Summerset allows the ability to run QueensElegance+MartialKnowledge+Slimecraw- QueensElegance gives 20% damage to light/heavy attacks, Martial Knowledge offers a 10% damage increase to an attack every 4 secs, Slimecraw would give an additional 8% damage increase to all attacks, Buff up with either spellpower potions, Entropy or Powersurge and start spamming Overload light attacks. Add the psyjic skill line empowered weapons ability for even more cheese. 3 max mag, 3 spell damage & 1 crit are the additional set bonuses. You might hit hard but your likely to run out of resources fairly quickly.