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Can they be found on anything or a specific boss?
I got all mine by farming ICP. Took about a week of random missions but if you do it on normal you can get me to drop.
Where to find
•Imperial City Prison (Normal and Vet)
•Mini bosses will drop either a hand, waist, or feet set piece.
I have find a blue twin sisters necklace in a guild trader
i dont care
Funny Fact: When you get into Combat mode and pull your weapons, the voice of the Warden will talk to you and discourage u somewhat. its like his soul is trapped in the weapons
it's the shield
any other way to get the shield if you have done the quest in lower level?
Nope. You s.ol.
I got one just by doing the dungeon, so now i have the quest related one and a regular one
You can get the Greivous Leeching Ward Shield from another player in Group. Most people have no idea about the Leeching set and just decon or sell the pieces. I have several Grievous Leeching Ward shields. Can only equip one though since it is Unique. It talks. Pretty cool.
Another character