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cool 4 tank :)
Armor shields doesn't stacks .is like an active buff all the time
Saves a skill slot
So are you saying if you wear this set and inactive another shield it doesn't increase my resistance even more? Like The armor set has your physical and magick resistance maxed out
Can the head piece drop from normal?
No it drops 100% of the time on Vet though. Not always in the armor class you're looking for though.
Or the trait
The Chad Tank.
Wow, this is a true tanks set, imagine 2 piece mighty chudan, then 5 piece undaunted bastion set, then 5 piece plague doctor set on a dragon-knight magicka build (undanted 5 piece active on one hand and shield). You don't even need to use harden armour or impenetrable armour abilities to raise your resistance, and then u can touch the mundus stone that gives bonus health.
I use Mighty Chudan on my righteous Templar Tank. Templars lack the toolset that DKs have for tanking, but taking Mighty Chudan for a sort of 'Paladin' tank can still lead to impressive results - especially because now you don't have to worry about slotting certain abilities that give Major Ward / Major Resolve; you can instead take on other tools that bring you to parity with that DK.
Do the shoulders only drop from the undaunted chests?
You can also get this - and any Monster set - from "the Golden" PvP vendor in Cyrodiil on the weekends. You can either buy an Infused version of any Monster piece for 100k Gold, or an Impenetrable version of a Monster piece for 200k Alliance Points.
Does the shoulder even drop? Whole month opening the middle chest and no set piece.
not good for a Templar Tank