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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

If any one have the shoulder [light armor] and want to sell it pls msg me....I play on ps4 send me a msg on kirato555 I'm in ebonheart pact...pls pls pls really in need of it thanks
I have it. But all monsters sets are bound on pick up dude.
Typical EP player
The totem that is summoned from this set lasts for 6 seconds, not 10. I have the item in game and that is what the description says. Also, being slightly OCD but there's a slight typo when it says "This effect has a cooldown of 6.seconds." as there should be a space where the full stop is.
Looking to buy both items on the Xbox One. If you want to sell one just reply to this.
WITHIN 5 METERS RANGE! Only 5 meters! That cuddle-set sucks.
It's funny how many n00bs there are asking to buy this set from other players lol
Why do the devs think that monster sets that just do healing is good?
It’s great in trials, no where else
This is the meta healing set in Sotha Sil. Its uptime is ridiculous, and if you are stacked on your healer, as you should be, its just too damn good.
Have you taken the bog pill yet?