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I feel like the list below is wrong I have farmed COH 1 veteran mode 20 times and the only ebon set I get I from other people and the final boss I have not once drop a wep or jewelry for me

•Crypt of Hearts (Normal and Veteran)
•Dungeon bosses and mini bosses will now drop a set piece 100% of the time.
•Mini bosses will drop either a hand, waist, or feet set piece.
•Bosses will drop either a chest, shoulder, head or leg set piece.
•The final Boss of a dungeon will drop weapons or jewelry.
•Normal mode dungeon bosses will drop blue-quality items.
•Veteran mode dungeon bosses will drop purple-quality items.
hi anonymous, I believe that the ebon set is a rare drop for COH1 and 2. this means that the bosses in COH also drops other set, and when other set is dropped, you will not loot ebon from that boss. what the website tells you is: if the boss drop a ebon armor, it will be purple. it doesnt necessarily means that you will always get ebon drop from every boss.
in addition, I have also farmed coh 1 many times, I have seen ppl loot ebon ring, and head. I, myself, has ebon neckless loot and ebon one-hand weapon from boss. so to sum up, it all depend on you luck, so wash your hand and face before playing, and pray to god for ebon luck
and also to answer your other question in the following thread:

1. Does anybody know if the group bonus from the final passive stacks? no it doesnt stacks. so if you see other grp member got ebon 5 set, you dont need to wear it for extra bonus. but, i guess no one will care if you still do.
2. If they are bind on pick up, how can these pieces be sold? in the older version of game, ebon set are bind for equip, so you still can find some of the ebon gear from guild store, because they are from ppl's old stock. at the current game version, ebon/warm cult/senct are all bind on pickup. so you wont be able to sell it. if you want, you'd farm hard for them.
continuing to answer your questions:
3. Any idea on where would be the best place to grind for theses set pieces? ideally, you will only have to farm for coh over and over again until you have collected them all. in regards to trait, I guess for a tank, we do not care about trait that much. i mean, ideally, we would want 5 set to have trait of sturdy, but devines are ok. for tanks, must important parts are: a) familiar with boss, and know when to dodge/block; b) hp values, and physical/spell resistance. therefore, trait on armer are not critical for us (note: i didnt mean traits are not important, but not sooo critical for tank compare to trait for dps class)

I think thats all you need to know. and good luck in game. I have got 5 set of ebon (head, shoulder, weapon, neckless and one ring) the slot are not very good, so I am still farming for the rest 5 pieces. the most ideal set will be ebon jeweries (neckless+2rings) + ebon weapon and shild. so that you can still equip undaunted 2 sets + any other 5 sets(normally, pleadgue doctors 5sets, or undaunted armory 5 sets)
After one of the most recent patches, this set is actually reported as Soul Shriven style, and also gives you the soul shriven style material (Azure Plasm) when deconstructed
i love it when bethesda puts little nods to daggerfall in their newer games
The game just doesn't want to give me the damn chest piece
really? with one day i got 2 or 3 chest pieces, well its hard to get all pieces like Leviathan 2H sword cause it final thing i need, Oblivion Lev set mix, what i have noticed is if u play as Magic char healer or DPS u get more heavy armor set pieces & when u are stamina build & med or heavy armor u get more light armor & then heavy is rare, in other words it gives u opposite what the char u currently play needs, but some pieces are harder to get specially when ur near complete finishing ur set mix the way u want
Finished my healer set for sanctuary now farming this for jewelry and weapons on ps4 for my tank wish me luck
None of this is dropping for me I've been farming all day
I've managed to get everything but rings and a chest piece. One time my group got a chest piece but it was a level 40 char. It can be frustrating but think it will be worth it once I have a complete set.
How much does the armor set sell for??
you cant sell it it is bound. You can only trade it to people that were in you party in the dungeon
Don't waste a full set wearing this crap. The dps now days can run through dungeons by them selves if they wanted. They don't need an extra 1k health. Forget about the flashing red balls lol and wear something that makes your run better and more fun for you. ..I see every1 wearing it on Xbox and I just think what a waste. ..i honestly think its terrible. Everytime i see it i say to myself "obviously this guy seen it on youtube so it must be good" ..look at it! ..Its so bad. Lol
Good for pvp group support that's about it, wouldn't wear this for pve content so I agree.
This is for endgame LMAO You can run most the vet dungeons in ESO in random pieces...Everytime I see a comment like this I say to myself. "Must not be playing the game to its full potential poor pleb"
This is for trials not so much for dungeons.