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If anyone is down to run ICP hmu on PS4. Don't be trash
Hit me up play everyday lookin to run trials and to farm this set for my magblade I have max cp and a seasoned player
I run all the time, but im trash so yea
Add me. I have a magika nightblade dps and a magika healer. I have 410 cp. Ill be online july 6 and july 7 hmu. Down to run it 24/7
How do we get this set
It says where in where to find
Have all class can pick me up for icp when I'm on
And 501
yo whats the animation for the proc?
Arms glow purple
How long does the increase last? Or is an increase on that specific crit?
6 seconds.
for how long? :/
what's mean direct damage or not direct damage???



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Direct damage are from skills that don't cause damage over time. Like Crystal Fragments for sorcerors.
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Yes, but direct damage is also from the INITIAL hit of a DoT effect—when it is first cast. After that, DoT’s don’t count as direct damage.
for example if cast force pulse it is direct damage and if cast a dot it is not direct damage. But this set is bis for Magicka NB because twisting path is coded like direct damage.
With the next patch (HotR) twisting path will no longer be direct damage on all the ticks, it will now be similar to blockade where the first tick is direct damage and the subsequent ticks are DoTs.
Yes it does, I’ve had the set ever since it was released on my sorc and it has proc’d off of all of my DoTs and dmg attacks.