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This set also has daggers available.
only healthy
Does the pendant of dreugh king slayer ever come in robust?
Where can this armor be farmed?
Fungul Grotto 1


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Fungal grotto 1&2
Can this set be smithed anywhere?
no only drops in sanctum
What is the average price for the ring in guild stores
I know the greatsword can also come in precise.
Only comes in well fitted? Aka useless PvP and pve. Would be an amazing set it it came in impenetrable. But no.
There is Impenetrable trait.



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It can come in any trait.
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What about a Stam sorc running DkS jewelry and 2 daggers, then also running 5pc viper and 2pc kraghs? Still benefit from medium passive and get both set bonuses.
Wow if this came in med armor ._. Wow
This is actually good in heavy if you want to run a chest jewelry and weapon of dreugh kings. The only downside is that the jewelry is in the healthy trait
You could run 2 rings, neck, and dual wield - have a vo medium set with veladrith... or any medium set/monster with this five piece!!


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I run this on my lvl 34 Stam sorc and beat people 200+ levels ahead of me
That's really odd coinciding the level cap is 50...