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Where are the armor skill lines??



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Have they even tried to explain passive skills how to know there active how to tell how to get the most out of our passive abilities do we need to have skills slotted from each tree or are they just always active unless specified u need skills slotted I mean really seems basic but not nearly ad basic as putting this information IN THE GODDAMN GAME ITSELF YOU GODDAMN CHILDREN
Good job lol
They are passive skills, so like in every game that has ever had passive skills, those skills are always providing their benefit. If the skill says it gives +x% damage reduction you will always have that increased damage reduction regardless what you have slotted. If the skill says it gives +x% damage reduction for every "skill from a specific tree you have slotted" or "piece of armor in a given class you have worn", then you only get the increased damage reduction for meeting the requirement listed on the skill.
When reading through skills I see the damage as [x] or [y]. Is there a legend anywhere for what that is? I know it has something to do with damage scaling.
The damage completely depends on the size of your corresponding ressource-pool (stamina or magicka) and your weapon damage. Unfortunately that makes in impossible to give any reasonable values for skill damage / healing.
(x) and (y) usualy indicate that the two values in the skill description differ from each other, but to have an overview over the real values you have to look ingame
What's the best skills to have one a Stam sorc and weopons
I’m wondering why my damage shield went from 9 seconds to 5 seconds what is causing the duration to decrease
Might've been a nerf
Do I need to equip and Alliance War skill whilst I'm in Cyrodil for it to increase?
No, you just need to earn Alliance points to get Assault and Support to level up. You WILL need the individual skills equipped if you wish to morph them however, and they level up regardless of where you are.
Why do l not have jewelry crafting ?
You need to own Summerset to actually craft jewelry
You need Summerset DLC
Gonna be a pain to level crafting
I can not dual wield 2 of the same weapons