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Where I think this set fails, is it takes sooooo crazy long to reuse a potion these days! It used to be 45 seconds, so that means on this it was 30 seconds between using it again, but I think now its even longer its insane.
Potions still have a 45 second cooldown.
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What a stupid set
It's good for argonians
It's great for a back bar buff! Especially if you main hand a staff / bow / 2H....



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I can make this in all armor types, weapons, and styles. Message me on NA PS4 PSN:WICKEDPHARAOH.
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Thanks for the 0 info about this set. If I have a staff of this and the other is vMA staff so it's net a full 5 piece set when I'm on vMA bar. Will the potion still proc the 5th gear item??
No. Swap to the 5/5 CA bar to get the proc.