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Anyone played this with an Argonian?
yes, it's op with an argonian's passive)))
An why???
Argonians get 12% resources back when they take a potion. Has nothing to do with this set.
Can someone craft me 3 pieces body, and/or 2 swords and a resto staff?
Msg me on xbox EU: Aabsolut Vodka
Need someone to craft me this bow and 4 on body Xbox 1 gt Blvd I have mats kindly enough to do it for free plz
Send me a message. Can craft for free. What traits are you looking for? GT is Hollow 1823
Would you guys add epic gear stats too ? Thanks awsome work !
Looking for someone to craft me this in Skinchanger style. Have all the mats. Will pay. GT ReallyMoistCat



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What platform and megaserver are you on?
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I can craft this in all styles. Light, Med, Heavy, and all weapons. Msg me PS4 Na PSN WICKEDPHARAOH
I can make all weapons, shield, and armor pieces. Contact WICKEDPHARAOH on NA PS4 Server
Shut tf up don't no 1 message this ***** I seen him scamming lots of people all the fuken time and he been doing it for so long and also when he sales u***** make sure u doubke check he'll sent u lilo money or sent wrong items and once he's caught or gets called out he act stupid like he dont know n says he did n do anything and try to act mad n see if people believes him
If anyone could craft a set in medium all divines on Xbox one NA I would be really grateful. I can improve it myself just need a crafter msg me GT: zTooDopee
Can anyone craft a set for me Ps4 Eu SoNiQxz
Abpheisman for NA ps4 crafter
Gunna contact you soon archsage616 character 3 toes the silent