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I'm VR16 and my Crafter has been stuck at enchanting 33 for so long, where is a good farming spot
Have your friends.make glyphs for you. Deconstruction of a glyph someone else gives you more experience
Go to the cat farm in riften fill your inventory sell everything and deconstruct glyphs very very fast method
Can also create a second character, create glyphs and pass them back and forward between them. If each character deconstructs the other's glyphs, both level up v fast
Anyone know any glyph crafter's on Xbox NA? If so can you leave there gt
Hijak Yurio
Average Glyph of Health does not work in boots? Can somebody tell me why? It should work at the 40% strength, but it is not working



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That is strange - do you have the right level of boots? is it not applying the enchantment?
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where can i find this rune? or it's obtainable only by tel var stones?


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you can find Hakejo in the sewers (from gold scamp and chest) or you can buy them from the merchant (always in imperial sewers) for 5k telvar.
Can you put two enchantments on jewelry? If so, how, and what two types of enchantments can be mixed? If you send a video of double enchanting jewelry to me on my Xbox One, I will send you two Kutas, 9 Rekutas, 5 of each Essence except prismal, and 10 random (whatever I can spare of any type) Champ 160 potency runes in ESO Mail. Offer for Xbox Live ESO Only. Send to Gamertag "Zoros II D Void" II are 2 I'd not L's. Leave a message with your vid (mention anything about enchanting), just so I notice your post in my list of messages.
You can't put two different enchantments on one item. This is for every piece (juwelry, armor...).
That was a display bug and it's fixed now
What's the highest stamina glyph
how do we make an epic glyph
*rekuta is epic Kuta is legendary
Why doesn't the armour glyph work on armour?
Your piece of armour is probably too low level for your armour glyph