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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

This would be a great Tank setup - Jewellery + sword and shield to go with my 5 piece armor master and 2 piece bloodspawn. Looking forward to trying it out.
the armor master fifth bonus who gives u 5k resistance does not stack with when you use an armor ability , so its a waste ..
Need sturdy shields 2 of them anyone have any
So where do u get shield from?
PVP rewards or buy from guild traders I'm pretty sure
no longer is 50%, it now is an aoe application of minor defile.
Does it re apply every 2 seconds?
What is the nearby radius specifically?
The radius of the effect is 8 meters to the best of my knowledge.
This set still worth wearing as a pvp set for a tank?
I use this set on my orc Dragonknight in combination with cyrodiil crest. This is an excellent support build. I am a 64% healing debuff tank.