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I solely have a stamblade and I've ran WGT probably about 80 times. I have just about a full set of every other gear, with many multiples, except I don't have a single piece of Essence Thief. Am I missing something?
Yes, ran on vet. It's rather impossible to get other sets on normal.
How many goats did you sacrifice to the RNG?
Does the dungeon drop gold jewelry for essense of thief set?
"Draw essence from an enemy" means that proc create a rune close to enemy. Run onto it to activate "heals you 4300 Health, restores Stamina and increases your damage by 12% for 10 seconds". imho NOT viable to ranged characters.
it still good in a group atleast the tanker will stay in 1 spot and hold the boss unless he needs to avoid a very nasty attack lol
You just saved me a lot of gold mats. Thanks!
It gives health and stam in one time, or in 10 sec please ?
The heal and ressource recovery is instant
In one time. Drops a pool nxt to enemy u run thru it.
Anyone ever see bow drop... did this dozens of times with no luck.
Yes got one today
Yes got one today
Fairly reliable now with buff, atleast for melee chars
Can u get this set from the chests in white gold tower?