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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Hey guys im having a problem while in pvp i reset and put 46 attribute points to stamina and only 1 to health but my health is 22354 and my stamina is only 18843 and thats with 2 armor sets that up your max stamina one by 884 and 884 and i don't know what's going on
Cyrodil scales your character to Vet 15 and has many differing bonuses to stats based on the current Campaign Score. Look at your stats outside of Cyrodil for a more accurate list of your stats.
Cyrodil scales your character to Vet 15 and has many differing bonuses to stats based on the current Campaign Score. Look at your stats outside of Cyrodil for a more accurate list of your stats.
It might be because of an alliance bonus thats only received in cyrodiil or
Needs an update including formulas for Physical resistance etcetera.
Might make a contribution here if I have time and necessary information mind you.

Much on this page is wrong or out of date. What follows below I'd normally put on a wiki talk page and is what I've discovered by poking around with ESO on the PS4 and trying different things.

I suspect that any stat within the game that isn't a percentage may be displayed or scaled differently on the PS4 to the PC, this is because many of the statistics on this site are different to what I see on the PS4.

Some bonuses are constants that are added to existing scores, others are coefficients which act as multipliers to existing scores.

Maximum Magicka and Stamina both start at 1000 at level 1. Maximum Health starts at 1100. All sources of increased Maximum Health within the game seem to be 10% higher than increases to the other two attributes.
Magicka and Stamina increase by 142 each time an attribute point is earned, and increase by an additional 111 when an attribute point is spent directly on them. Again Health increases are these +10%.

Common sources of constant bonus to Maximum attributes are from set bonuses, amour enchantments and jewellery traits. Skills provide the only coefficient modifier.

Magicka and Stamina Recovery both start at 58 at level 1. Health Recovery starts at 35.
Magicka, Stamina Recovery increase by 9 and 1/3 each time an attribute point is earned. Health Recovery increases by 5 and 2/3.

This holds true for low levels, but may break down by the time a character is level 50 and gaining Champion Points. Or there could be another source of bonus I'm missing.

Spell Damage and Weapon Damage do no increase as a character gains levels. The base value for both is equal to the Damage stat of the currently equipped and active weapon. The most common sources of constant bonuses to Spell and Weapon damage are set bonuses and jewellery enchantments. There are also active effects (including Mundus stones) that add to each.

I could do with a fresh set of eyes looking at all this.



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A lot of this has become exponentially more confusing thanks to Battle Leveling taking over the entire game.
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Bash damage? Bash crit? etc
I focus on Magic. But I like using a great sword (not the abilities. Just the sword) for when my magicka runs out. Is my greatsword damage affected by the amount of attribute points I put into stamina. And should I do it if I really like magic?
Yes weapon damage is effected by stamina.. However there is a set, Pelinal's attitude or something that'll enable you to do good damage with your greats word with out anything in stamina
how do people get 27.2K HP and 35.5K stamina. take stamina, a champ 160 player without using attribute points has 20 x 160 = 3200, and with 64 points into stam that's only 3200 + (111 x 64) = 10.304K. so how do people get 27.2K HP as well as 35.5K stam, it doesn't make sense
122 per level without using points is 122×(50+160)=13,420. Add points and gear bonuses from there.
Why are you saying its 122 per level?

Why 122 x 210?

And 122 x (50+160) is 25,620
27.2k hp would be with the battle spirit buff which gives you 5k hp on pvp areas, so it would be 22.2k hp with 35.5kstam i assume?. note; builds like plague doctor & hulking draugh can reach 29k hp & 37k stam witout battle spirit


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Set Gear
Food buffs
How much impact does Magicka and Stamina have on damage?

Also...does it increase uniformly, or is there a diminishing return on the points invested?
so based on results of my different max magicka, spell damage, and numbers on my tool bar, using linear algabra, 10.59 max magicka is equavalent to 1 spell damage. is
What are the caps for stamina and magica regen?