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By Iruilose
Imperial city sets can be obtained from level 10 to v16. I saw a necklace of agility lvl30 (with trophies or on a boss, no idea...) and Tel Var sets can be bought at level 10. I suppose new sets can be looted in dungeon by low levels too. And Black Rose has been modified, now give : 2 : max health, 3 : max stamina, 4 : max stamina, 5 : Increase the effects of the passive skill Constitution by 50% and grants Weapon Damage and Spell Damage. I can take a screenshot if needed but my game is in French...
By Anonymous
Drop sets can be picked up at vr1-vr16 lvls
By Anonymous
Agility and willpower sets also have shields.
By Anonymous
So i have a nightblade kajit stam i want to build with vicecannon set along with veldereth . i was thinking mixing it with the morang tong set but is there anything else anyone could suggest that would really help me survive and deal damage at the same time ?
By Anonymous
I tried magicka nightblade khajiit with vampirism, it did much more damage with better survival chance. Two major differences from the stamina biuld: (1): dps from your class skill is much higher;(2) healing is much better than vigor since you can use restoration staff and you can use cleanse skills more frequently, which is good for PVP.
By Anonymous
The Vicious Ophidian set for PvE, will give you great sustain and some dmg.
By Anonymous
I use the venomous set with Vicecannon
Every hit adds poison. It's nuts.