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I run a similar build. I tied briarheart, but went back to agility jewelry, 5x hunding's, 1x kena, and 3-4x night mothers for higher damage. On my DW bar, my buffed damage is 4.3K with 73% critical. You have to love the critical rush, upper cut, critical rush, streak, turn, critical rush, executioner combo. I do use hidden blade for range, but remember that the damage boost doesn't stack with the one you get from critical surge. A couple of other skills that I rotate in depending on the situation are bound armaments [grants minor resolve (stacks with major resolve from thundering presence), 11% increase to heavy attacks, and 5% increase to max stamina] and dark deal (exchange magicka for health and stamina). Great build for pvp and pve. I love playing it.


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Yeah I've tried a lot of combinations of abilities. Defensive Ruin I'll swap in if I'm traveling in open cyrodiil but I've grown out of it as a fight ability. Dagger I don't use for the boost, I just put it's effects so people can see, ill swap it for caltrops when I get them. I have a bunch of vet characters so I don't have every ability for them all lol.