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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

The skill tree mentions several instances of having additional effects if the enemy is Burning, Concussed, or Chilled, or increasing the chances of afflicting enemies with those status effects. What isn't clear is how one can inflict enemies with those status effects. Chilled, for instance, has a chance to proc on any Frost damage (Frost staff, Frost enchantment, or a Frost skill such as the Mages Guild's Ice Comet). An enemy who is Chilled moves 40% slower for 5 sec. However, I don't know what the proc rate is for these status effects. See for more details.
The "elemental force" passive skill makes staves inflict these defuffs on enemies you speak about. Which is Burn, Concussion and Chill.
tell me as much as u can im a begginner
I would love to see wands in this game so you could have a wand and shield and dual option for wands that way magic users could have some of the same things that stamina users have.
u can do magic with sword and shield, check mage guild and undaudted, alse check mackica nade skills of classes
I've been thinking the same thing! Wand and shield would be epic for my magDK!
the weapon ultimate skills are out on the wiki but no in the game??




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They are from the test server.
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The Thrive in Chaos morph of the dual wield ultimate described is wrong (i think) it says that it's duration is 16sec same as the other morph but the other morphs entire purpose is extending duration to 16sec...
If I were to cast Life Giver, would the secondary cats that it does apply the morphs you choose for those abilities, as well, or just the original forms?



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I am actually not sure and it would be great to know - let me know if you confirm it one way or the other!
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why no unarmed skill
does the bow gain theses if i invest the skill point?