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How do you obtain this set? Is it a random drop in Maelstrom or what?



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It's not listed under the Maelstrom Arena page so it may be landscape/dungeon loot. I haven't gotten it so I don't know :(
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You get the pieces out of the chests at the end of the rounds in Maelstrom, yes.
Yes it only drops in maelstrom. It also drops in Wrothgar from the daily job brokers after completing the daily quests.
Is this set BoP?
Is this set BoP?
drops from maelstrom arena vet and non-vet, after every 'step' you get chest with high chance of a random set piece
It is from the Imperial Prison Dungeon, Imperial City DLC required.
Now this thing is finally useful, yaaay.
So on my Mag DK I use BSW and Silks of the Sun. Would this be a straight upgrade to Silks?
I have just put this set on my MagDK and it is really good the up time is proc'd on every tick of your DOTs and flame wall, the question of is it better than Silk, for pure fire builds then yes but if you require the bonuses from 2 piece set bonus from Silk more, in the case of Silk vs Succession then you may go health enchant somewhere else on the body and then succession is by far better than silk on a DK with Dots just re-proc'ing it everytime. People are saying single bar succession but with Dots running it will not re-proc when you are on your non succession bar, I was lucky and got a flame staff and a restro staff but I also had to fill in with a necklace and that being robust is another question for me on to trait change to infused for a regen glyph or not, as you are looking at BSW with Succession then you may have sustain issues