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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Does the Nerien'eth set come in vet 16 lvl?
does it proc then deal damage? or can it stack with multiple procs?
Can you use it on vet 5?
Yes, just got it as vet 6 don't know why a vet 5 couldn't
Any damage?
Any damage?
Anyone have the shoulder for sale ?
You need to Farm vet crypt of Hearts
no cd???
The cd is 6 seconds
will pay for shoulder piece and anything else to do with this set 3k a piece gamer tag stool drop
You cannot buy it from other players, sometimes it's at cyrodil vendor though
This is a bind on pick-up you don't buy it you farm it
That's wrong you can buy it but only if the Golden Vendor in cyrodil has it over the weekend in her stock at all alliances bases in any PvP campaign
Thats true, but he obviously just meant you can't buy it from a player lol...
Templars or Mages combine Nerien'eth with Lich Set to turn into a real "Lich King".
Dang this is good my cousin uses it but I never new it was so powerful
Does the orb form on enemy location or on players location? Seems like this should be a big deal..