Comments made to our ESO Wiki
Undaunted bastion says M in the list, but is a heavy set
I do so wish there were also notations that describe if the set does a visual effect. Like those sets that make the green, blue or red floating orbs. Or even better a link to videos that display the effects like how the imperial city telvar one gives you an awesome purple aura. I wonder what cool visual effects I don't even know about because the set isn't in everyones cookie cutter builds...
You guys don’t have any 3 piece sets listed like you do for medium heavy and light, it’s broken. Fix it. Thanks
Is there an addon that tracks all these in game? NOT a gear swapper.. I want to see what pieces of the sets I have. Inventory insight was meh.... I want something like the motif section in craftstore addon... That is 1000% amazing but needed for set pieces.