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Hu, I'm trying a magical nightblade and was wondering if I could get some suggestions for gear. I put spell damage on my Hewlett and have around 2100 spell damage, but it seems like I can't hit for over 2k in pvp, yet I get hit by an average of 4k.
but you live forever... longer living means longer hitting... ;)
Juliannos and turongs pact
You must consider in pvp people have champion pts... 99% of the users in pvp have cp into damage redux in the red champ trees, pvp will almost always have lower damage than pve
Hewlett = jewlery. My phone hates me.
and hitting...
but you live forever... longer living means longer hitting... ;)
im the same mate going to get some vet 16 gold gear smashed out soon see if that helps struggling what to pick tho. my stam nightblade use to hit like a truck now I hit like a snail
sorry for spamming. lags are a Feature of the Internet ;)
What race are you? Are all your points in magic? Are you using the apprentice stone? What weight of armor? Is it all divine? Are you buffed at all times? All these questions need to be answered before your spell damage in pve will reach 4k
looking for a 9 trait heavy crafter on xbone
Confirmation. Eternal Hunt is poison dmg.
It looks like they have changed Eternal Hunts Rune to Poison damage rather than Magic
The tool tip on the crafting station in game
Do you have a source?
Makes sense, too, since they revamped the CP for thaumaturge to include physical damage... one stop shop.


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The 5pc bonus needs correcting. From the tooltip in game it's "When you dodge an attack you receive the blessing of Tava and gain 9 Ultimate *over* 3 seconds." Not *every* 3 seconds.
Im looking for someone that can craft me 2 pices Morkuldin (head and shoulders) and 5 pices if hunding's rage. Im on ps4 EU server. (I will provide all of the mats)
Join Eu page on facebook
Anyone Know Any Information On The Marksmans Crest Please Share On searching For It
God why is this almost all vr16 that will take me forever
^ Not after Dark Brotherhood it won't! ;)
Its under medium armor sets, in the thieves guild sets section
God why is this almost all vr16 that will take me forever
Lol right
Is Syvarra's Scales, correct?
the links onis page no longer work cananyone fix it?
Never really used this wiki so I dont know how to make them work like before, but I did set them up as links and they should work pretty much the same way now