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Level 7 High Elf with Alderi Dominion looking for relaxed, fun guild. Casual player. Sorcerer/battle mage.
Nim Ling
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I need a guild to show me the best way to play. I am willing to grind for hours and am very willing to learn. Once I am levels I will work hard for a guild that helps me. I play ALOT, please HELP


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We are a brand new noob semi serious guild currently focused on PvE play as well as teaching/learning with new players. Guild Master Cole and 1st Officer Daniel started Team Danger Guild based on our theory that inviting anyone and everyone to your guild in hopes of reaching the benefits of a 50+ guild was not the best way to build a true community. After running around with each other for 7 straight days after the games release, we realized that so many guilds were filled with players who never actually play together. Our time wasn't lost however, as we spent the majority of our time figuring out everything the game had to offer and how to play efficiently. We still lacked the ability to do dungeons as we could never find a group. With so much frustration and knowing that Guild Master Cole had the know how to build a website, we took some time off the game to organize Team Danger Guild. We are looking to create a true community that all members can be a part of and not just another number in. We want you to be a part of its development and growth.

Thank you for your interest in Team Danger Guild. To learn more about us or apply for membership, visit us at:

Team Danger Guild does not currently have a mission statement. This is because we want to build the statement based on our members wants and needs. Becoming a member of Team Danger Guild is not just joining another guild, but helping to create one that suites your wants and needs. If you want to become a part of something on the ground level, Team Danger Guild is the place to be!

Please read the following Requirements to make sure you qualify for membership with TDG.
Membership requirements:

*Must be age 14+
*Must be Level 30 or LOWER on your highest character (subject to change)
*Must be in Auridon/Khenarthi's Roost/Grahtwood areas (subject to change)
*Prefer that you have a headset (strongly prefer)
*Must be Aldmeri Dominion
*Must be North American Server
*Must be on PS4

In order to be considered you will need to fill out a Recruitment Form located on our website here:
You will be required to provide the information listed below:

*PSN (updates, meetings, group activities and everything else will be communicated via the Danger Zone Forum on this website)
*Time Zone
*Ability Focus (Damage, Tank, Heal)
*Crafting Skills (We highly recommend only leveling 2 crafting skills per character)
*A little about yourself (Optional)
Im looking for a guild to join im only rank 22 but im whiling to put in work for the guild
Send Detective_Phelps a message saying what you just mentioned
I'm looking for members the guild is for war and dungeons. Crafter are very welcome. Username forgottenarsenal let's build up and get ready to roll out !
Orc DragonKnight level 9 looking for guild to play pve with and have fun. Psn is jewprobs ESO name is Franny DaLinkinson fairly new with basic knowledge of game. Willing to put in time and resources to get better.


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Looking for a moderately active guild with focus on team (teamwork, strategy, crafting) with a relatively strong leadership (I've done too many guilds that are chaos & a waste of time/energy). I love to be a dependable support man for whatever the guild's leadership needs. Building up woodworking and blacksmithing to contribute to the guild. PSN msg RandDragonReborn if you think I may be a good fit in your guild
My PSN is Snowwolf131 and my ESO ID is MadaraWolfe, I'm looking to join a guild fast to help me get stronger as a whole, I'm a lvl 27 Breton DPS type always looking to better my craft and build not too well versed in builds but I try, have a moderate amount knowledge of ESO but am willing to learn as much as I can in order to obtain power, I am always loyal to which ever guild I get into and am a very relaxed dude, easy to befriend and easy to talk to please respond asap!
Looking for a guild with 50+ members that is semi-relaxed and does pve and pvp
My psn is Rolling_Greene