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No, it can be any trait, but the rewards are semi-out of date. There's rumour about a shield now as well.
One of my friends got a Master weapon with Training.
What does it mean to say these are researchable? Can you learn to make them yourself then?
Could have sworn there was a maelstrom shield? Guess not.
There is a maelstrom shield. It only has a tri stat enchantment (Magic, Stamina and Health). It is one of the worst rewards...
No, researchable just means that you can consume the item to research the trait on it. For example, the "Weighted" trait on these weapons.
Could have sworn there was a maelstrom shield? Guess not.
There is a maelstrom shield. It only has a tri stat enchantment (Magic, Stamina and Health). It is one of the worst rewards...
Oh the Power Sigil only gives Weapon Damage? Picked it up this whole time thinking it gave Spell too lol
I did that too! :D
Gay as ***** that you need the dlc to get the most powerful master weapons in the game , thanks zeni?
You are dumb as ***** if you dont know expansions give better stuff in mmos.... duh
As non-dlc user you can win Master Weapons from free DSA content. So don't complain :).
Can you get maelstrom weapons from normal maelstrom runs?
Will a lot of champion points in the thief improve the odds of getting the maelstrom weapons from any chest?
Nope must be on vet. Because "these weapons are greatly over powered so lets make them impossoble to get". Solo trial on vet once everything gets nerfed when Morrowind comes out thats gonna cause them to lose lot of players because there should be a small chance to get these weapons on normal because vet solo trial is dumb but hey more power to zos because its their game going down the drain
Lol the other guy who replied is salty this game doesn't cater to bad plays. Bet he plays games on eqsy
Whining about good gear being hard to get? God damn people are lazy, get good or stick with your bad gear like a bad player
The most stupid idea to this day, if you managed to complete the hardest solo content in the game you are rewarded with the super weapon you don't really need, because you are good without it. These weapons better be given to people who struggle with vMA with no success.
Can i find maelstrom staff or is it only flame and restoration
I think it is only flame and restoration
It's both flame, ice, lightning, and resto
Maelstrom arena is *****in dumb! I googled several different guides and they turned out to be bull*****! you have to be wearing bis gold gear to farm this content for bis weapons! waste of *****in time and gold to get different gears sets to run this on just to *****in fail! another *****in thing in the game that caters to the elite gamers!
Don't be so upset just because you suck.
wanna play casual games? play wow dunno
@Anonymous I know that maelstrom can be really frustrating and really tough the first times through on vet, however keep at it! Trust me when I say that as much as it helps to have max sets, it is not necessary. The key to maelstrom is to take it slow at first and really learn the priority targets and mechanics for each round. Don't forget your sigils as they help immensely while you're learning the priorities. You will die... A LOT!!!.... but trust me, once you beat it once or twice, it will become a breeze and a nice easy farm.
Lame *** snowflake-go run dolmens to level up so you can fool the skilled players behind your 690 CP #sad
***** Maestrom Arena!!
Fecking Zenimax make its extremly difficult ....f you zeni
while its not all that difficult of an arena. you are correct. f you zos
the fact that it's extremely difficult is my favorite part about vma!! second favorite part is that it's solo. do something else in the game if you don't like it.