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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

If anyone has a ps4 add McLovin_4000
Aldmeri dominion. Level 37 tyro. Need a buddy who likes to stay up late and do some *** kicking with. I need more experience. Much love guys. My gamer tag is bluechaosss
Xbox one
Instagram: bluechaosss
Hestia of irideal next to davons watch way shrine I need help getting to become a werewolf please .ps4.Eric Roberson
I'm a level 8 newbie in Skyrim looking for a group of friends
Platform u on
vet 16 magica nightblade C0MB4T M4ST3R98 xbox 1
Platform u on
how do you get somewhere else i can leave this one place
Hi :) - What do you mean? Fast travel? you can open your map and directly port to a wayshrine that you have discovered, or port to a group member
On Xbox One, could use a bite if you're willing. GT is LL Gods LL
Im in the Dominion btw
If anyone who is level 12 and higher looking for a guild with little restrictions, rules, and plenty of things to do then message me BulletFrenzy247. *XBOX:360 GUILD*
Server: North America
GT: A Pork Lord
Xbox one
Im Champion Rank 215
Server EU
Faction - DC
PSN- Murkage_At_2025