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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

The vr10 solvent is missing
of the new items is missing
I don't know how to edit the page in the proper manner, but the attributes for Torchbug Thorax are as follows:

Lower Armor
Lower Weapon Critical
The fourth attribute for Mudcrab Chitin is Defile.


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I just added Torchbug Thorax to the list. This is my first time adding anything to any Wiki. I did my best to get the format correct, but I know I messed up at least one or two things. If the person who corrects my mistakes could let me know what they did, I would really appreciate it. The information itself, however, is correct. Thank you in advance for any help. And yes. Yes I am a newb, but I am a newb who is willing to learn.



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Awesome thank you! I'll check first thing my morning and fix any issues :)
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The most savage poison in all of Tamriel


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Does anyone know the recipe for minor endurance potions they don't list the actual named buff given just a general idea of the effects


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Potions have only major buff, There is no minor
Luckily the Morrowind potion crafting system was removed...
Aww, but I wanted those op buffs...
Given the time played Elder Scrolls I expected the system to be the same, somehow I couldn't figure out how do you discover 2nd, 3rd and 4th trait of ingedient. Now you have to deliberately screw the potion to learn something new (e.g. new traits), which is totaly new system and oposite to learning in previous ES editions. You should mention that in a guide in a first place.