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By Anonymous
this needs to be updated
By Anonymous
I'm new to the game, what bits need to updated?
By Anonymous
Why does craft teacher not accept my glycerin creation?

By Anonymous
The "How to Research" section literally doesn't say a single thing about how to research things. Is there a menu somewhere? Do I need to be at a specific crafting bench? Please offer a single piece of information of any kind.
By Anonymous
The research time is it in game time (while one is playing) or if I log off does the research continue?
By Clearasil
The research continues when you log off.
By Anonymous
can a instant research scroll clear a research thats like 30 days ?
By Anonymous
Only if you buy 30 of them.
By keratroy
9th trait time should be updated, the first 8 are currently (2021) still correct
No plus 0/4 skill = 960 hours (40 days)
No plus 4/4 skill = 30 days
Plus 0/4 skill = 36 days
Plus 4/4 skill = 27 days
By Anonymous
Does the style (Orc, Khajiit, Breton, Wood Elf, etc.) of the armour piece that you research matter, for example:
If I research an infused trait on a heavy iron girdle (Wood Elf style), can I apply the learned trait to a heavy iron girdle (Khajiit style)?
By Anonymous
Also, if I learn a trait from a heavy piece of gear (boots, for example), canI put that trait on light and medium boots or will I need to re-research from a light & medium?
By Anonymous
Style does not matter, however weight does. If you research divines on a heavy wood elf helmet you will have it unlocked for heavy helmets of any style BUT you will need to research it for light as well as medium.
By Anonymous
If I do research on one character, does the research effect be available on all my other characters. Or do I have to do research on each character to get the effects?