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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

This set's 5 piece has been changed. Please update your site.



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Hi. Thanks for the heads up, I'll check for new pictures. For future reference you can edit and fix a lot of these yourself by hitting the edit button on the top right of the page :)
Can you get this set in heavy?
No you cannot get this in Heavy, only Light, but you can use Jewelry and weapons and still have 5 piece heavy on, even 2 pieces of armor of this and still the 5 piece heavy.
Not much info
Could I get this as jewelry?
Yes, of course you can! The only Jewelry from sets you cannot get currently (Maybe Never sadly) is crafted sets!
Where do the weapons and shield drop from?
Says here Light Armor Defensive boxes, which also drop the Armor and the Jewelry, along with the Weapons and Shields.
Now its......
Where to find
Cyrodiil - Cropsford Elite Gear Vendor

Cyrodiil - Rewards of the Worthy (Armor only)
Your website sucks for mobile
This set is the best magicka sustaining set there is in the game. If you use other type of armor other than light, use the
2 rings,
and sword and shield, or dual wield.
You can use 2 handed weapons and waist too.
plague doctor and desert rose work well