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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Message me x73looDy_7V4Rox
How much for vr1 head chest legs feet and fire staff cost to buy? So a 5 item Magnus set
Ich kann alles was ihr wollt
chance to also negate ultimate too
Crafter for hire ps4 EU
Crafter for hire ps4 EU
No this wont negatethe cost of an ultimate, ultimate's don't use magicka
Get your set anytime
For console or I have ps4 you know anybody who can craft it for me for a price
how much?
Need three pieces for lvl 10 need chest heavy, shoulders light and a resto staff Xbox one North America

Gamertag Bo0mSh0ck
Is there magnus jewelery? If so how would I find them?
Any & all crafted sets doesn't come in Jewelry! I'm a master crafter of everything on PS4-NA add "CANTONMENT_FL"


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Yes, yes there are.
I can craft for price on xbox one na server.

Gt: the r4m93
How much? Agreasyginger8
Message me
Still available?
How much? Message me. LYOUNGJEEZL
Could you craft me a set? I'm lvl 24. Gmr tag: Hxc Oreo99
Where do you get the motif for the helmet ?

I can craft this in all styles. Light, Med, Heavy, and all weapons. Msg me PS4 Na PSN WICKEDPHARAOH
Looking to hire a permanent crafter on Xbox one EP
hahajuck im 8 trait working on 9