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I played that game in the third grade and cried after i shot sandy, and this game is still worse
Buy this if you don't enjoy fun.
I think it's pretty good, but everyone can have their own opinion, you know? Even if it is really stupid sometimes. Me personally, it just feels better than other Elder Scrolls games in terms of gameplay. The world is totally less immersive, lore is hard to force yourself to delve into when you're surrounded by a bunch of retards with stupid names like lahjDAsaj2220, and sometimes things seem a little tedious as they do in MMO's. But overall, the gameplay is so much more in depth. There are actual abilities, something Elder Scrolls has never had. I love them, I really do, but they've always been basically swing swing block/cast and then with shouts added in Skyrim. They're still some of my favorite games, but ESO is also definitely one of the best, in my mind, MMO's out there and I almost exclusively dislike MMO's. It was worth the buy.
in many cases, when you compare ES 1-V to ESO, you get a split that frustrates people. In society today, we are so immersed in our own worlds that the sight of a regular ES game where the only decision maker is you, we end up being as "in the sandbox" minded as the sandbox game itself. Dont get me wrong. its a great world to get into. World of Warcraft was a brilliant idea at the time. But that was because it started out as a MMORPG. ES started out as a single player immersive sandbox style game. Many decisions effected your world. But now, to those who have grown accustom to the isolation, find it frustrating to play with others. Its like tatoos: Fast, Good, Cheap. You can only pick two. The purpose: You cant have your cake and eat it too. If you like ES but dont like social games like the MMO, stop attacking the game because you feel inadequate with others. If you cant handle a person or persons in something as anonymous as a mmorpg, dont play it. less stress for you, less for those who can play it.
Pardon the paragraph. I thought id add to the conversation.


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I think you can enjoy this game if you want to just simply hack away at bad guys or go really far in dept with the game. This game is amazing and constantly getting better. There are a few things I think are dumb about the game like you can create poisons and negative effects in alchemy but can't use them but on yourself. The dumb stuff doesn't even come close to out weighing the awesomeness that the game has to offer. I love the simplicity of just hacking away to the complicated craft of enchantment. Been playing since day one of release and it hasn't got old yet. They are adding stuff all the time. Awesome game
This game takes both some brain power and some time spent playing it to properly enjoy. If you enjoyed Skyrim, the sooner you quit comparing ESO to Skyrim, the happier you'll be. It also helps to ignore the significant amount of idiots you can run into as it's a MMO and, sadly, the game world reflects the real world: it's often full of unintelligent individuals who run around doing not much but whining and hoping you arrived just to help them out. Get past these things, and ESO develops into an amazing game with a ton of playable hours.
They should have stayed away from online - I loved the other Elder Scrolls games because I could play an explore and immerse myself in the world. Now I'm more worried about harvesting items people missed to increase my skills, or trying to kill a monster before some moron goes to the nearby chest and loots it - even though I did all the hard work.
p.s. The game developers worked hard on this game. Years spent since the release of skyrim. If you dont support this and continue to bash this. Then it means that you're bashing all the time, hours and sleepless nights spent making, testing, breaking, making again, testing, eat-sleep-make-test-break-repeat that all on the ES staff has gone through. They're self sacrifice triumphs above all criticism.

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pvp is horrible
This game is far more than interesting... There is days worth of gameplay and things to do and pvp is so challenging especially when your trying to fight other players
Why I aught'a kick your ***
If you dislike the game, stop playing it xD less dummies for us to worry about ;)
I like this game. It is far better than getting shanked in jail.
People must be crazy. RPG experience A, Graphics A+, multiplayer I haven't touched much, Co-oping is fun.Seriously even if you do compare this to Skyrim or Oblivion I'm honestly not disappointed. They literally just hijacked everything I love about Elder Scrolls and put it into a huge open beautiful world with other real players in it. What's not to love? :D Best game I've played all year. And thank you for all your hard work developers and for not nickle and diming me (allowing me to purchase content permanently instead of through subscription)
Class Roles and Race Suggestions should be removed due to the nature of the skills/builds in this game. Every class can play every role with every race well if not better than some of the suggestions here i.e. Breton Dragon Knight Healer would be a VERY good character.
Khajit uber alles
I play a Khajit sorceress just because I wasnted to play something different than I do in Elder Scrolls games. When you make suggestions like that it may persuade people in only playing those characters, and loosing the diversity of the classes to races.
then ignore suggestions
please remove those suggestions every one should play what ever he/she wants and every class can be the best with each race
Khajiit master race
Totally agree.
Dude stop. They are as you said. Suggestions.
*Dunmer master race. Just had to correct your spelling there, beast.
You’re probably trash at the game. ::feelsbadman::
im building bosmer (wood elf) nightblade destruction staff/bow (just for cripling attacks) wielder wearing light armour and doing just fine. those suggestions are nonsense.
Wow this is the worst wiki!! I want to know about the classes in detail, not what you think I should choose!!
Then, Idk, maybe try CLICKING ON THE CLASS to see the details. God some people are too stupid and lazy.
Dragonknight and Templar have the same armor
This amuses me



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Any class can wear any armor so it's not very surprising. Although maybe I should replace these pictures with something less generic.
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This game has crappy armor and crappy weapons. There is just nothing to look forward to in this game regarding armor and weapons. Huge disappointment. This game has amazing story and voice acting and graphics and it really sucks in everything else. shame
It's a shame that there's only 4 classes. I kinda like lots to choose from.
Where's Warden
Right side, under the title 'Warden'