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The name of the skill line is Restoring Light, not Restoring Wrath
stamplar OP asf
First, the recommended sets are bad. Second, Soulshine and Rattlecage, as well as Valkyn Skoria has the best dps and overall bonus to the class as a whole for magical dps. Who would use any other gear? Julianos is good to replace rattle, but grothdar??? lol when Templar has like, 7 DOT core abilities and uses them as spammable. You what? Please edit this, this makes bad templars.
This hasn't been updated in over a year. Some of that was recommended over a year ago. Lol.


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Then it should be updated to fit modern day
Fodeloso d+
magicka templar build sets:rattlecage-shacklebreaker-valkyn(all impen) 1 piece domi-1 piece chudan is optional instead of valkyn(i use this) weapons:flame staff(nirnhoned) nirnhoned because we stack lot of spell damage by templar's passive that gives %10 bonus sword and shield(sturdy) for perma block or powered(optional) skills: flame staff bar 1)vampire bane 2)radiant glory 3)harmness magicka 4)punc sweep 5)inner light ult)meteor or crescrnt sweep sword shield bar 1)total dark 2)extend ritual 3)honor the dead 4)puri light 5)rune ult)rite of pass we dont use flame reach because we dont need stun but if u want to put shield on back bar so have a slot for reach or drop inner light combo is basic : total dark-puri light-vamp bane-spam punc sweep-if he is lower than %50 spam radiant glory thats all when u in trouble perma blocking and spam heal, u need stamina do 2 heavy attacks with sword thats all
Empowering sweep: converts to physical. Still says magic damage. Crescent sweep: deals more damage. And info says physical. Tooltips are incorrect and need to be fixed on here.
Restoring focus is either missing "converts to stamina ability" or marked as stamina when Magicka. Unfortunately idk in game as this class has little stam options and won't ever play it.
Stamplar is one of the strongest stam classes to play
Which ability drops the fire ball on people?
Wrong class
No, it's the same class. It's just that you're looking at only aedric spear skills. It's in the dawn's wrath tree