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Champion points - is the cap for each toon or for the entire account? For example say there are a total of 720 champion points to spend and you dump them all into a single toon does that mean the other 4 toon get zero points? Thanks in advance.
I am not yet level 50 but it sounds like the cap is 720 for you account. However, each character can use all the champion points how you see fit. Each of your characters pays into the pot and gets 100% of the points.
There is no cap on how many CP's you can aquire, however, the amount you can appoint for use is capped currently at 780 CP. Each major DLC or update will generally lift this "cap" by 30 champion points. With the upcoming Murkmire DLC the new appointable CP cap will be 810CP.
Interestingly enough, and I didn't see this listed on the page, but each point gives you bonus stats when assigned to any constellation to a respective resource. Warrior gives more HP per point assigned to one of the three constellations, Thief is stamina, mage is magicka.
I have between 30 and 40 points in each section of the 3 constellations. What do I need to do in order to activate my "rank 10" abilities? I do not have the option to activate them when I receive additional champion points.
You automatically get a passive when you spend the cumulated points in the bottom 4 "active" selections. A way you can tell if a passive is active is that the requirement description color will change from red to green, but it will not change the text.
They activate automatically you don't need to do anything, just add points to that sub-constellation