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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Hey If Anyone Knows The LOcation Please MessagesE captMunchei
Check guild stores too, a lot of ppl selling them at the moment
you get this from Cyrodiil, as random rewards for playing PvP for your alliance. So there is no definite location that you can obtain this from
Check guild stores too, a lot of ppl selling them at the moment
Hew's Bane. (Thieve's Guild DLC)
Where do you get the drops?
Where do you get the drops?
I've Been SearchingStill No Leads
Like the man above said, you get these items from Cyrodiil rewards. They come in your mailbox. It is random what pieces you get, as well as random traits. Good luck!
These also come in jewelry pieces. At least rings. So, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it is possible to wear 5-pieces of this set, along with 5-pieces of the "Hawk Eye" set as well.
Yes you can wear 2 sets of 5.
Add XxLTCarryxX ...I have plenty of these and I'll sell you something.
Hey, if you have great-sword Marksman sharpened, please send a message to sylus1985
If you have a 2h sword or ax let me know sharped. PS : xXSnykyRussianXx
Is this correct? That Hews Bane boxes drop it?
There is also a bow as part of the set. This makes sense, as the bonus for 5 pieces includes an 8% increase in damage against people - i.e. PvP. I don't know if it applies in duels.
Is there a Marksman maul? ....and I don't see the bow that I know exists listed on the weapons info of pictured above.
This is a pure bow set. There are no melee weapons of this set, only a bow.
Can you please confirm or deny that weapons other than the bow exist in the loot table. UESP reports that as of June 2018 they do exist. Thanks in advance.
There\s also the sword , nad some of them even on TTC , but the price is set frpm 800kto 900 .
Im trying to look for a 2h axe , maul or sword does not matter i need it they said it stop dropping if anyone got one please set price and message me my username is xthefallengod