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Which races would you recommend for Warden?
Depens on what is more important to you...
A: Feeling - i have an argonian warden named wandering-through-swamp which feels really good to play and strife through the wildlands, commanding animals and nature's magic.
B: Attributes: - i would suggest an orc or imperial char, because a warden can tank good with shield/onehand + heavy armor, and imperials/orc support high lifepoints (orc/imperial) and also the exp gained in heavy armor(orc) or onehanded-shield(imperial).
C: a bit of both - Choose Nord, because Nord can also tank good and have dmg-reduction, more life and life-reg and using frost magic too can give you a good feeling combined with good tankiness.

As a Damage oriented char i dont know which one i would choose. in this case, Altmer, Bosmer and Dunmer would be a viable choice too, so therer are many ways and races which can be feel good and have good stats, depending on what you prefer.
Hope, i could help,
Thank you for the advice Menethil91. I think for the PS4 EU server I will go with a Nord. And for the PS4 NA server I think Orc. As far as timing as to when I will create these two new characters. I will either wait until a new weapon skill is created or just ignore weapon skills and focus on the class skills. Would you recommend Heavy Armor for both of them? Thank you.


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I would only recommend heavy armor if you wanna go Sword/Shield for tanking. An Orc with heavy armor just feels better, but with medium armor you will do significantly more damage, if you wanna go two-handed, bow or dual wield weapons and with light armor of course if you wanna go the animal companion tree combined with a destruction staff or green balance tree with resto-staff.
I currently play an orc templar with sword/shield and resto-staff in 2nd slot, wearing completely heavy armor. It's possible to tank mobs/bosses and heal yourself up most of the time and it is quite fun to play, if you have some allies doing the dps job. But even solo you will manage nearly all mobs alone. With the warden in heavy armor its the same i think, if you go winters embrace+green balance combined with sword/shield and resto-staff. There really many choices to evolve you own character and you playstyle.
Greetings and have fun, Menethil91
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It should say for when u start the game the info above and what the class is good for.