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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Will this set proc trinimacs valor??
I'm actually working on that right now. Once I get enough of the Combat Physician, I'll let you know
After much browsing and personally testing it myself:

Does this set proc from healing yourself?
yes it does and it's awesome
Can you have shields on multiple people at once or just one shield on one person every 8 seconds?
If you're using an AoE heal then yes. For example this set can be proc'ed by vigor.
yes this set can proc even if you heal yourself.
if someone finds this and knows how to make wiki pages on this website please fix clicking on a weapons trait and being taken to a page without information about what the trait is under necklace & ring
Only one person can get this shield at a given time. Tested with a dungeon group and trial group. And yes, it is possible to get the damage shield on yourself through direct heals or self healing abilities that can crit.

- Kira Dawntreader, NA PC/MAC
does a resto staff drop for this set?
Yes resto stuff drops
Do the rings traited with magicka exist? 100 runs and nothing lol
I run this set with spc or infernal. Guardian for dailies (which triggers off any shield) sorc btw.