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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Why isn't it showing me the daedric style even after I bought the package
Did you use the book?
It says in game has to be level 9 does this mean ability in a provision or the provision it self I am 10 9 10 and can not use daedric motif
Funny thing:
I just found that Motif in the Quest "Daughter of Giants" at level 12... Mind you, not V12, no, actual Level 12 :D
Probably because its a solo quest?
You need to improve your metalworking passive to level 9 in blacksmithing.
I found it on the first undaunted quest
You have to be level 9 in woodworking, clothing, or blacksmithing
This is very late, but to learn this crafting style, you must invest 9 points in any single main crafting passive(the passive that allows the use of higher level materials). For example, you may only invest 9 points in metalworking to learn the style and then still use it for clothing or woodworking despite not having 9 points.
I looted some containers in coldharbour and fonud one
do make the amor do i nedd to have rank 9 in all of the passives ??

if yes can u tell me tips to do it faster?
Got mine from a random dresser drawer in Coldharbour... almost walked past it too. Requires rank 9 in one of tailoring, metalworking, or woodworking (the passives, not your actual skill level)
Im level 20 in blacksmithing (skill points) and level 36 overall. character is lvl 50 veteran 76.I still cant get the motif to work. any suggestions?
How do i craft daedric armor (heavy) and weapons (Duel weild swords)
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