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Cat race master race. That is all.
How do you get the bull looking helm or set ..
The chapters to this motif will drop as a reward for completing the Gold Coast Daily Quest asking you to defeat Limenaruus. The full book can very rarely drop as well instead of a single chapter.


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Do I need to get better glasses or am I missing where you can search for a topic?


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The only thing appearing on the top left of my screen is my Wiki ID in what looks like a button and directly underneath that is the page title of "Elder Scrolls Online Wiki" which is a hyperlink I can select, however it takes me to the same main page I am already on, though that does not surprise me. I remember it use to be in the upper left sometimes hidden until I hovered my mouse over it a bit and then I would see "search here", but that is no longer appearing anywhere that I am able to see. Is there a setting that I am possibly missing?


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Okay, never mind I see it now. Chrome was adding too much of a boarder so if the browser page was too small the first thing that disappeared was the search. I resized and now I am able to see it. Thanks for your help! No new glasses, but maybe a better laptop :)
Can anyone tell me why is ESO lagging for me for the past 3 days non stop
Try out my new build that I created for PVP/PVE. I hope you have fun and Have fun in Cyrodill!


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What do you charge to craft these sets: julianos and twice born star?
What I want is (all divines)
Heavy chest- TBS
Medium legs-TBS
Gloves, boots, belt-TBS
Or ....
The same thing but with julianos. CP 160?
If there's anyone who can and is willing to craft these let me know what you would need from me.
I'm on xb1. Would appreciate any help
Can't redeem my explore's pack code it keeps saying invalid code.I brought the collector editon(Molag Bal figure)when the game came out.I know is 2017 but finally I can play it but can't redeem the explores's pack why?!I redeem the imperial editon pack easily with no problem.



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Which platform are you on? Did you try to submit a ticket via the official ticketing system? If you are on console, is your game the same region as your account?
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Immediately after starting the game comes out a bug report. This started happening after the new update homestead. someone please advise?
Just started on my adventure, any advice please. Thanks, xbox 1. Accusedace13 gamer tag
If you still play, add me! UrStepDad411. I'm pretty active, just starting off on Xbox but Im a 11 Nightblade Khajit
desperate need of some help. gamer tag is changefulcrab