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Best strategy for darkdwellers, attack one handed while holding a torch. They will cower and attempt to fall back to their "safe space". If you block them, you can wail on them and they won't counterattack. Just don't take too long. Eventually they will enter an aggro animation that looks like they are slapping their own face repeatedly. After that, the torch trick stops working.
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Lol safe space. Darkdwellers are just undead SJWs.
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Now that you mention it they're probably clawing their eyes off
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Is it possible to run past them to get the great sword? Trying to control my soul memory for summon purposes.
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good question, considering you have to avoid 7 of them to get to the greatsword. did you ever end up trying it?
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Put on agape ring soul memory problem sorted
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Yes it is, I generally do this myself as I find in No-man's Wharf my items tend to break/spells tend to run out in the long run to the bell so I skip parts of it. Light the torch, run past everything, open the door, up the stairs in the house, exit the door into the room with the Greatsword, and open the chests as fast as possible (but dodge the trap ofc). You should find they break through the door just as you are getting ready to leave after opening and looting both chests, just run out the broken wall and away. They won't follow you far.
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Underutilized. Great enemy.
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these guys drop pyromancer set, and they're afraid of fire. Were they pyromancers who suffered some kind of mutation?
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They drop tattered clothes which could imply they suffered mutation wearing normal clothes oh my god they were people
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They seems pretty similar to ds1 oolacile residents, that were corrupted by the dark brought by manus.
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They eat pyromancers
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I have always called these things "Bleed Monkeys".
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Didn't know I played "A quiet place" prequel.
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Quite the annoying fiends, I'd like to stick a torch up their arse honestly.
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